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Saigon Union of Trading Co-operative (Saigon Co-op) was established in1989 with the fund of 8,234,434,000 VND. Saigon Co-op mostly worked on exporting agricultural goods, seafood, and handicraft as well as importing materials at first. In the 1992-1997 periods, with the developing of economy, realizing the important of retailing, the co-operative focused on convenient stores chain in the city. The most important event of Saigon Co-op is the birth of its very first super market of the developing super market chain Co-op mart Cong Quynh in 1996.

Being in a supermarket industry, having a good relationship with suppliers is one of the most important factors. The co-operative has over 800 suppliers to ensure that customers always find what they need in every supermarket they enter. Saigon Co-op has built for itself friendly and close partnership with some important suppliers: Vietcombank, Pepsico Beverages International, Unilever, and Vissan. These companies have been working with the co-operative for more than 15 years.
The Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank or VCB) is a state-owned Commercial Bank. It is the oldest commercial bank for external affairs in Vietnam and has the largest market share in the inter bank forex market. VCB also is the largest payment agent in Vietnam for Money Gram - the global express money transfer company, and the only bank in Vietnam to handle automatically 95% of swift messages meeting the American standards. Last but not least, VCB is the leading commercial bank in trade finance, international payment, forex dealings, advanced Banking - IT implementation in Vietnam.
PepsiCo Beverages International:
PepsiCo Beverages International (PBI) is part of the PepsiCo brands. With the mission to be the world's premier consumer products company which focused on convenient foods and beverages, PepsiCo offers product choices to meet a broad variety of needs and preference — from fun-for-you items to product choices that contribute to healthier lifestyles. Since its establishment, PepsiCo has been receiving many awards as well as honors from many countries it has entered.
Vissan Limited Company is a member company of Saigon Trading Group. The company deals with processing and trading of fresh frozen meat and meat-related foods. VISSAN’s products have had a firm foothold on the market thanks to large sale volume and a major portion of the market; and VISSAN is now the biggest supplier of pork, beef and vegetable in Ho Chi Minh City and has established a solid distribution network, comprising branches in HaNoi and Da Nang, plus outlets in Supermarkets and sale representatives throughout the country.
Unilever Corporation has a large number of brands and works in many fields. It has 400 brands spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and foods products. Its mission is to add Vitality to life which Unilever follows strictly to make better quality products for better lives. Unilever is the global market leader in all the Food categories in which consist of: Savoury and Dressings, Spreads, Weight Management, Tea, and Ice Cream. It is also global market leader in Skin and Deodorants, and has very strong positions in other Home and Personal Care categories Every day, 160 million people choose Unilever’s brands to feed their families and to clean themselves and their homes.

Strategy for Business Objective:
Saigon Co-op aims to become the best retailer in Vietnam. Follow that objective; the corporation has opened a supermarket chain consists of more than 20 supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City and Southern provinces of Vietnam. Each of these is named after the streets or areas in which they are located at for better acknowledgement.
• Co.opMart Cong Quynh opened in 1996
• Co.opMart Tran Hung Dao in 1997
• Co.opMart Hau Giang in 1998
• Co.opMart Dam Sen and Co.opMart Nguyen Dinh Chieu in 1999
• Co.opMart Dinh Tien Hoang in 2000
• Co.opMart Phu Lam and Co.opMart Thang Loi in 2001
• Co.opMart Nguyen Kiem and Co.opMart Quy Nhon in 2003
• Co.opMart Can Tho and Co.opMart Hanoi Highway in 2004
• Co.opMart Phu My Hung, Co.opMart BMC, Co.opMart My Tho, Co.opMart An Dong, and Co.opMart Ly Thuong Kiet in 2006
• Co.opMart Long Xuyen, Co.opMart Vinh Long, Co.opMart Pleiku, and Co.opMart Phan Thiet Co.op Bien Hoa in 1997
Aside from the supermarket chain, Saigon Co-op also has a whole system of convenience store throughout Ho Chi Minh City.
To attract as well as maintain customers’ loyalty, the co-operative decides on promotion and sale off some of its goods in turn tactic. Friendly employees one is also used. Co-op mart guideline is “Everybody’s friend”. Saigon Co-op tries to give every customer a warm and friendly feeling whenever they step into a Co-op mart. And lastly, many events established purely for loyal customers should not be left out.

Saigon Co-op is one of the very first and successful co-operative models of Vietnam. Its effective sales and promotion strategies help it attract customers. The friendliness and warm atmosphere in every supermarket plus the fun and events maintain customers’ loyalty.


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