Reflection On Information And Knowledge Management

In order to understand information management and knowledge management, we must first understand difference between information and knowledge.

Information is raw data that are to be useful, it gives meaning, knowledge is collection of information after analyze and intent to be useful.

Above is taking from internet, the papers we got from lecturer is too long to read, it's easier for me to do s search on Google.

What is information management:
"Information management (IM) is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audiences." (Wikipedia)

What is knowledge management:
"Knowledge Management ('KM') comprises a range of practices used by organisations to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge for reuse" (Wikipedia)

The differences between information and knowledge management

Records management
Can be stored, catalogued, organized
Align with corporate goals and strategies
Set up a database
Utilize for day-to-day optimum decision-making
Focus on critical NEEDS for the company
Aims for efficiency
Data with a purpose

A framework for designing an organization’s goals, structures, and processes to add value to the customers
Collect, disseminate, utilize information
Align with corporate goals and strategies
Focus on cultivating, sharing, and strategizing
Connecting people to gain a competitive advantage
Information with a purpose

Above theory is collected from BB and Google, I've read it many times, couple days later I still have no idea what it tries to tell me. The best "defination" I found is "The over all objective of knowledge management is to design organization's system so that the organization can use what it knowsto create value for community."
(Hoang Phat Duong)

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