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Company : Apple Inc.
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1 Infinite Loop
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408.996.1010 with "games" as keyword, results are as followed:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for iPod Games
What games are authored by Apple? What games are authored by third-party companies? …

2007-07-07 — Document No. 304281

Troubleshooting iPod Games
Note: Games available on iTunes are designed specifically for and compatible only with the Fifth Generation iPod (iPod with video). …

2007-05-23 — Document No. 304220

iPod 101: Give Me Games
Buying Games with iTunes 7. Before you can add games to your iPod, you need to purchase them from the iTunes Store. Adding Games to iPod. …

2007-03-01 — Document No. 304682

iTunes Mac 7.3 Help: Buying games for your iPod
iTunes Mac 7.3 Help. Buying games for your iPod. To purchase and play games on your iPod: In iTunes, click iTunes Store. In the store, click Games. …

2007-07-16 —

iTunes for Windows 7.3 Help: Buying games for your iPod
iTunes for Windows 7.3 Help. Buying games for your iPod. To purchase and play games on your iPod: In iTunes, click iTunes Store. In the store, click Games. …

2007-07-16 —

Safari: Web-based games at unexpectedly quit
Click Save. With Java 2 SE 5.0 Release 3 enabled, games should behave as expected at …

2005-12-05 — Document No. 302887

Mac OS: Video Game Quits Unexpectedly After Changing Display …
Game resolution background information Most games contain a list of resolutions that are likely to be compatible with a wide range of multiple scan cathode-ray …

2004-09-20 — Document No. 106915

The Hindi Learning Stack: Read Me
children. It also contains three games aimed at testing alphabet recognition skills. 4. Games button - Plays Hindi Learning Stack games. 5 …

2007-07-20 — Document No. 20933

iPod 101: iTunes Initiation
Just click any item in the list to view its content. The LIBRARY contains everything—music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and games—you've added to iTunes. …

2007-03-02 — Document No. 304706

Mac OS: What is a Game Sprocket?
This document applies to Mac OS 9 and earlier. Apple Game Sprockets is a set of technologies designed to make writing Macintosh games easier for developers. …

2007-06-01 — Document No. 24866

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What games are authored by Apple?
Texas Hold'em
iQuiz (iQuiz is also known as iPod Quiz in some countries)
Kaplan SAT Prep 2008 (SAT Prep Math 2008, SAT Prep Reading 2008, SAT Prep Writing 2008)

What knowledge is embedded into these knowledge bases?
There are many embbed information to the knowledge base. All information is aimed to help customer in using the product easily. For example, ipod game is a product of Apple, so in order to help customer with more infomation about games, Apple website provides FAQ to customer which includes basic information:

"What games are authored by Apple?
What games are authored by third-party companies?
Where can I find help on games?
What is cost of game?
Can I use games in iTunes without an iPod?
What are the requirements?
How do I know what the game title is like before I buy it?
Are games localized?
Can you play music and games on the iPod simultaneously?
Can I use video out to play games on my TV?
Can I use the remote as a controller?
What is file size of each game?
How do I remove game titles from an iPod?
I'm having trouble using games on my iPod. Where should I start?
How can I contact a third-party about a game? "

How many people would be requried to perform the same function as these knowledge bases?
Without help of the website, it will require a lot of people to in charge of answering customer's questions of the product. Imagine if the website didn't exist, so every requirements of each customer need replies from one employee (1 employee / 1 customer). This results in a huge amount of employees of Apple to do the job. With the knowledge bases, customer only need to look things up online for their needs. It saves a lot work and time for Apple.

Advantage of using knowledge base?
-Save time and labor
-Easy to access 24/7 with an internet connection
-Simple interface with search engine

Disadvantage of using knowledge base?
-Can't answer specific question
-Unability to reply as human nature
-Machinery response, limited flexibility

Can knowledge base replace people?
It depends. For ready general information, knowledge base is good because it's quick to access and simple. But for specific information (cases), it doesn't have flexibility of human nature to brainstorm to answer questions.

What aspect of the Wiki Knowledge Base might help you with your own Wiki design?
Wiki has already-made tools to help user in designing their own Wiki page. Simple interface and one-click functions are really useful for normal user to creat and design webstie. Easy to use navigation bar helps user to understand proccess of making website and fast server of Wiki helps user to work fast and efficient.
(Nguyen Dinh Cuong)

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