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The over all objective of knowledge management is to design organization's system so that the organization can use what it knowsto create value for community. Most of our knowledge is in forum, some are not, it's hard to find out where they reside, we only know they are someone on the Wiki server, however, we provide links to our knowledge, they are under Theory on menu, just click on your prefered topic. Th reason Wiki is chosen for information sharing , according to James Dellow, because it is a very interesting tool, the essence of wiki is self-evident in the origin of the name that comes from word mean "quick", reflecting the desire to make it fast and easy for people to share information.


The following are reflections related to what we learn in class, exersices, click on it to read

Pre-check group Wiki

Information and knowledge management

Searching method

Knowledge bases

Share and Share alike and Virtual classroom

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