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Easiest way to setup Forum
This guide is show you the easiest way on earth to set up a forum on wiki site, if you want to customize more, please go HERE , *cough cough, if you are *cough lazy *cough like me *cough cough, just want a forum up and running, follow this guide

1. Log on
2. Go to
3. There is "Manage Site" on the left, click on Forum and Discussion, click on Settings, click on Activate Forum

4. Also under Settings, you will see Default nesting level: 2 ,do not change the number ! just click on Save nesting
gratz ! now you have a forum up and running, here is the link to your forum
But you won't see anything yet because you don't have any Category yet

5. Click on Structure, click on Add Category, give it any name, Save, play around with Add Category, go to your forum to see how it looks.

Top Navigation bar
To edit top navigation bar, please go to ,press the Edit button at the bottom
Example, this is the code of this site

* [ Home]

* [# Theory] 
 * [ Intelligent Organisation and Data Information Knowledge Continuum]
 * [ Information Management Processes and Practice]
 * [ Information Auditing]
 * [ Business Intelligence]
 * [ Searching Methods]
 * [ Introduction to Business Information Sources]
 * [ Other Business Intelligence Sources]
 * [ The Knowledge Management and Information Management Link]
 * [ Knowledge Management - Principles]
 * [ Technology and Knowledge Management]
 * [ Knowledge Cycles]
 * [ Implementing Knowledge Management Processes]

* [# Assignments] 
 * [[[Meetings]]]
 * [[[Assignment 1]]]
 * [[[Assignment 2]]]
 * [[[Assignment 3]]]
 * [[[Assignment 4]]]

* [* Friends]

* [ About us]

* [[[contact]]]

* [* Forum]

Right navigation bar
To edit right navigation bar, please go to

Register feature
This allow visitors to become a member of this site so they can post in the forum
The url to the register page is ,you may want to go to Member Policy in Site Manager to make appropriate settings, if you have trouble setting up, please post your question in the forum

Recent Posts
This allows visitors quickly see are the most recent posts or edited pages
Simply include this code to where you want to appear

[[module Pages order="dateCreatedDesc" limit="10"]]

The "10" means 10 posts

Book marking
This is called social bookmarking, what is social bookmarking ? press HERE
To include this feature, simply put this code to where you want to see it

[[social digg,furl,,facebook]]

Subscribe to RSS
If you have Wiki account, come HERE
If you don't have Wiki account, here it is

Receive notificiations by email
You can use external services such as FeedBlitz1( to convert any RSS feed from Wikidot into an email digest.

Example of using FeedBlitz to provide a forum feed
1. Register at FeedBlitz 
2. Create a new feed 
3. Embed the generated form code on your wikidot page 

You can get forum updates by email:
<form Method="POST" action="">
Enter your Email<br><input name="EMAIL" maxlength="255" type="text" size="30" value=""><br>
<input name="FEEDID" type="hidden" value="95900">
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe me!">
<br>Powered by <a href="">FeedBlitz</a></form>

Number of RSS reader
This shows how many people have registered the RSS. If you do the above step, you will have your own code similar to this code

<a href="">
<img title="Subscribe and get your updates by email" border="0" src=""></a>

put it to where you want it to be
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